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With the support of 27 years of production, the complete package of elevators called Suntech, with the most advanced production factories in the country and using the latest software and production methods, is one of the leading brands in the elevator industry. All elevator equipment is based on design engineering principles. And selected and after production, their quality is carefully controlled and according to specific drawings and relevant instructions, are assembled by sales and installation representatives at the project site. It has a long life and its maintenance is simple and always available.
Providing a 2-year warranty from the time of delivery of the elevators and permanent support services are other specifications of Suntech elevators. The goal of those involved in the production and installation of Suntech elevators is to compete with the most prestigious global brands, as evidenced by the export of more than 100 elevators to Georgia, Ukraine and Iraq since 2011. Has continued to grow.
Suntech is the first and only complete elevator package that in 1399 for all its products, succeeded in receiving the European standard with the CE symbol and currently has a license to export its elevators to all parts of Europe.

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